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Muqan Tulebayev

Dear listener! You are holding in your hands the next publication – two disks of non–commercial project “Asyl Mura” devoted to the creative work of outstanding Kazakh composer Muqan Tulebayev (1913-1960). Issue of the disk has been financially supported by “Coca-Cola CIS Service Ltd” Representative Office in Almaty.

Muqan Tulebayev’s composition work occupies a particular place in the Kazakh music history of 20th century. Being one of the founders of Kazakh professional music of new (European) type Muqan Tulebayev inplemented the impossible thing: staying a true representative of Kazakh original national culture and never tearing of it, he developed to the height of public and official recognition by our multinational state.

Muqan (Mukhamedsalim) Tulebayev was born in Sameke (Karachigan) settlement of Taldy-Qorgan region Borli-Tobe province. The future composer’s mother Tajibala Akshalova was a talented women, composed music and poetry, improvised and nicely sang folk songs. Muqan’s personality formation was influenced by his uncle Apyrai Auelbayev, a renowned musician and akyn who taught the boy to play dombra. Young Muqan brightly reveals himself in a creative work: composes songs, leads the amateur arts group, plays as musician. Ten participants of artistic amateur festival in Borli-Tobe in 1936 (including M. Tulebayev) were dissent to Almaty.

After performance in Almaty, Muqan had been directed to Moscow for studies. Moscow conservatoire had a national specialists training studio. So, Muqan Tulebayev joined European culture. He understands soon that he must continue studies not as a singer but as a composer and starts to work hard. B. Shekhter and R. Glyer were the first teachers of Muqan Tulebayev. Muqan tries himself in composition: writes Kazakh songs’ treatments. One of the first treatments – the folk song “Barkyt, Qalkam” - is on the disk.

The studio finishing coincided with World War 2nd. Tulebayev went to folk militia but he couldn’t continue to participate in military actions because of his health and returned to Kazakhstan. Such well known music as “Tos, meni tos” (Wait for me) and “Kesteli Oramal” (Embroidered shawl) was created during war. In 1945 M. Tulebayev jointly with L. Khamidi and E. Brusilovskij writes the Kazakh SSR anthem (words of K. Mukhamedjanov, A.Tajibayev, G. Musrepov). And in 1946 the premiere of Kazakh opera art pearl - an opera “Birjan and Sara” (Libretto of K. Jumaliyev) was performed. Opera performances were followed by tremendous success: composer, both groups of participants (first group - A. Umbetbayev and K. Baiseitova, second group - B. Dosymjanov and S. Beisekova), an artist (A. Nenashev), the director (K. Jandarbekov) of performance were bestowed to USSR State Award. The opera record in russian language was made in performance of singers, chorus and USSR State radio symphonic orchestra under the leadership of G. Stolyarov. In 1958 during second decade of Kazakh art when an opera “Birjan and Sara” was performed in Moscow by Roza Jamanova (Sara) and Muqan Tulebayev was awarded the name of USSR Folk Artist.

After the war, being a well-known author, the State Award Winner, M. Tulebayev finishes the Moscow conservatoire (1951) at the class of professor N. Myaskovsky. That year he wrote the cantata “Ogni Kommunisma” (Lights of Communism). It was accepted with delight not only by Kazakh people but by all Soviet Union audience.

Composer’s style of Muqan Tulebayev was born and existed in the stream of national tradition. At the same time the music of Kazakh composer astonished by high skill of European type. This allowed an audience of various national-cultural traditions to appreciate with delight the M. Tulebayev’s music. A renowned musical master of soviet time V. Vinogradov wrote: “Just when M. Tulebayev can brightly elucidate the national peculiarities of native art, his music achieves the most beauty and power”.

Perhaps we won’t be mistaken to point out that the most bright M. Tulebayev’s creative works are related with akyn folk-professional tradition: that’s the chef d’oeuvre of Kazakh opera scene “Birjan and Sara” and cantata “Ogni Kommunisma” at the centre of which is terme (speech) of akyn. M. Tulebayev found the touch points between bright national “theatre” art of Kazakh akyns and singers (as named sals and sere) and European scenic high skilled genre opera and cantata which are addressed to public. M. Tulebayev’s music genius heard something kindred and it had given them joining opportunity keeping at the same time the heart of matter and sense. By V. Vinogradov’s keen remark “the national in M. Tulebayev’s creative work is revealed not only in visible musical peculiarities – form, harmony, rhythm and so on, but also mainly in it’s internal essence, style, emotional character”.

The most significant works of outstanding Kazakh composer - “Birjan and Sara” in reduction due to disk (CD 1) audio time limit and vocal, instrumental and chorus compositions of master with cantata “Ogni Kommunisma” among them (CD 2) are recorded on two disks of project “Asyl Mura” devoted to Muqan Tulebayev’s creative work.

B.Baikadamova, C.Elemanova.

Диск 1

Опера «Биржан и Сара». Либретто К. Джумалиева.

Диск 2

1. "Гимн Казахской ССР". Е.Брусиловский, М.Тулебаев, Л.Хамиди. Сл. Х.Мухаметханова, А.Тажибаева, Г.Мусрепова. Исполнители – Государственный симфонический оркестр Казахской ССР под управлением Т.Абдрашева, Казахская государственная хоровая капелла под управлением А. Молодова.

2. Кантата "Огни коммунизма". Сл. Н.Шакенова. Исполнители – Государственный симфонический оркестр Казахской ССР, Казахская государственная капелла. Дирижер – Ш.Кажгалиев. Солист – Б.Жилиспаев.

3. "Жасты? ша?" ("Юность"). 3 части из 4-х частной хоровой сюиты. 1-я часть – "Ша??ышылар" ("Лыжники"). Сл.С.Мауленова. 2-я часть – "Костер жыры" ("Песня у костра"). Сл.С.Бегалина. 3-я часть – "То?ай арасында" ("В лесу"). Сл. С.Бегалина. Исполнитель – Казахская государственная капелла под управлением Г.Виноградовой.

4. Симфоническая картина "Той" ("Праздник"). Исполнитель – Государственный симфонический оркестр Казахской ССР под управлением Ф. Мансурова.

5. "Лирическая поэма". Исполнитель – Государственный симфонический оркестр Казахской ССР под управлением Ф. Мансурова.

6. "Тол?ау" ("Размышление"). Исполнители – Камерный оркестр Казахского радио и телевидения под управлением М.Серкебаева. Солист – Т.Нуралиев (гобой).

7. "Поэма для скрипки с фортепиано". Исполнители – А.Мусоходжаева (скрипка), О. Решетникова (фортепиано).

8. "Б?гінді танда" ("Рассвет"). 3 части из 4-х частной сюиты для голоса и фортепиано. 1-я часть – "Салт жігіт ?ні" ("Песня молодого джигита"). Сл. А.Тажибаева. Исполнитель – Р.Абдуллин, концертмейстер – С.Коган. 3-я часть – "?ншіны? сыры" ("Песня певца"). Сл.Х.Ергалиева. Исполнитель – Ж.Елебеков. 4-я часть – "Домбра сыры" ("Песня домбры"). Сл. Н.Баймухамедова. Исполнитель – Ж.Омарова, концертмейстер – С.Коган.

9. Обработка казахской народной песни "Бар?ыт ?ал?ам" ("Милая Баркыт"). Сл. А.Байгожаева. Исполнитель – А.Камбарова, концертмейстер Е.Коган.

10. "Тос мені, тос" ("Жди меня, жди"). Сл. Н.Баймухамедова. Исполнители – А.Днишев в сопровождении Камерного оркестра Казахского радио и телевидения под управлением М.Серкебаева.

11. "Кестелі орамал" ("Вышитый платок"). Сл. А.Лекерова. Исполнители – А.Днишев в сопровождении Камерного оркестра Казахского радио и телевидения под управлением М.Серкебаева.

12. "А? ма?та" ("Белый хлопок"). Сл. Н.Шакенова. Исполнитель – Р.Багланова, концертмейстер –С.Коган.

13. "Еске алу" ("Воспоминание"). Сл. Б.Бисебаева. Исполнитель – Б.Тулегенова, концертмейстер – Е.Коган.

14. "Мен с?йем" ("Я люблю"). Сл. Н.Баймухамедова. Исполнитель – Б.Досымжанов, концертмейстер – Н.Вальтер.

15. "Са?ыну" ("Тоска"). Сл. К.Шангитпаева. Исполнитель – Б.Досымжанов, концертмейстер – Н.Вальтер.

16. "Келші с?улем" ("Приходи, дорогая"). Сл.А.Тажибаева. Исполнитель – С.Тыныштыкулова, концертмейстер Л.Иванова-Сокольская.

17. "Мен к?рдім ?зын ?айы? ??ла?анын" ("Я видел березу, сломилась она"). Сл. Абая Кунанбаева. Исполнитель – Б.Жилиспаев, концертмейстер М.Смитрович.

18. "Жыл?ышы ?ні" ("Песня табунщика"). Сл. Т.Жарокова. Исполнители – Б.Жилиспаев в сопровождении Казахского государственного оркестра народных инструментов им.Курмангазы под управлением Ш.Кажгалиева.

19. "Ба?ыт вальсі" ("Вальс счастья"). Сл. А.Байгожаева. Исполнители – Р.Джаманова в сопровождении симфонического оркестра ГАТОБ им.Абая под управлением Ф.Мансурова.

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Гимн Казахской ССР
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Кантата "Огни коммунизма"
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"Жасты? ша?" ("Юность")
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Симфоническая картина "Той" ("Праздник")
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"Лирическая поэма"
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"Тол?ау" ("Размышление")
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"Поэма для скрипки с фортепиано"
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"Б?гінді танда" ("Рассвет")
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Обработка казахской народной песни "Бар?ыт ?ал?ам"
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"Тос мені, тос" ("Жди меня, жди")
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"Кестелі орамал" ("Вышитый платок")
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"А? ма?та" ("Белый хлопок")
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"Еске алу" ("Воспоминание")
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"Мен с?йем" ("Я люблю")
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"Са?ыну" ("Тоска")
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"Келші с?улем" ("Приходи, дорогая")
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"Мен к?рдім ?зын ?айы? ??ла?анын"
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"Жыл?ышы ?ні"
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."Ба?ыт вальсі" ("Вальс счастья")
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