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I'm so Proud Of Our Nation! Recently I always Listen Madi's songs,it's so great, so wonderful.

Thanks for Asyl Mural. Thanks....

 Mahmutdin Serbest
Assalamagalaykum!ASYL MURA musederi aldimen sizderge Swesiya kazaktarinan dugay dugay salem!Bu ne kuvanis 40 jilda tabalmagan ang-kuyderdi osunda taptim.sizderge köp köp rahmet Alla tagala sizderge mol bakit ben könul kuyderigizdi kötersin! endigi urpaktarga osunday kizmetterigizdi ayamagizdar. RAHMET! Mahmut Vasteros/sweden

 Guenette Pierre-Louis
Dear lovers of the Kazkh music , I discover your wonderful work by accident , looking for some information about the kyz-kobyz , after hearing Raushan Orazbaeva on cd . Your web site is very rich , thank you for putting all these beautiful samples to listen and download . I 'm a musician found of central asian music and run a cd shop in southern France for the label Harmonia Mundi . Before i have the chance of hearing these music in Kazakhstan , is there a way tho buy some of the cd you are presenting ? Also , do you know in France any organisation that promote live musicians from Kazakhstan ? Bravo et merci for all these great musics ! Pierre-Louis

 Kanafina Kuralay
Salem vsem kazakhstanzam za granizei!

RAda chto nashla etot site.

Proshu o pomoshi - ne mogu naiti dombrovie noti. Esli u kogo est' podelites!!!

Jdu otveta

 Ainura Bizhanova

Hoju poblagadarit ujerediteley dannogo proekta, a osobenno podjerknut rabotu prodelannuyu koordinatorami - objestvenniy fond "UMS", vo glave Zhannat Argynbaevoy.

Nahodyas daleko ot svoey Rodini, priyatno uzanvat jto kultura i Muzikalnoe nasledie nashego naroda prodoljaet peredavatsya potomkam uje ispolzuya novie zifrovie tahnologii. Spasibo Vam bolshoe za vashu rabotu i udaji Vam v novih proektah.

S nailujshemu pojelaniyami,

Ainura Bizhanova

Aarhus, Denmark.
spasibo, Ainura!

thank you very much for making this web

I am from china

and wondering for the more vidio music for download!

ote jahse jasalepte

 Dr. Linden
Dear Madam, dear Sir,

for more than a year I am now studying the great music of your country with growing enthusiasm.

Now, friends have told me of your site, and I see there are many cds released - how can I buy them, please ?

Would I have to go through someone in Kazakhstan to get them ?

Please let me know, also of course prices and how to pay. In case you do not sell these CDs outside of your country, I would ask a contact person in Kazakhstan to purchse them for me.

It seems to me that you are starting a project that I should call "absolutely necessary" to preserve your musical heritage.

But I also see the necessity for "extra mural collection / documentation" of original material as it is being a tradition among the people who are living in the steppe still today.

In case you are preparing to do such a field work, please let me know. Anyway, I whish you good progress in this highly valuable project !

Saw bolyngyz

Dr. Werner Linden

 Ness, Paul
Thank you so much for your foundation. I happened on your website because my mother-in-law brought me a dombra from Kazakhstan as a present from one of my sister-in-laws, my wife being Kazakh from Taraz.

The music on your site is incredible but how can one acquire the cds? Such exotic fare cannot exactly be found on Amazon.com.

Incredibly haunting music.

 s. hallak
It is wonderful to see the heritage of Kazakhstan being preserved. I was wondering if you have ore information on Zatayevitch who was instrumental in this endeavour.

Thank you,


Project's coordinator -UMS agency
[email protected]
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