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The musical heritage of Kazakhstan will be carried on to new generations through a new totally noncommercial and humanitarian project called Asyl Mura. The founders of the project, the Ministry of culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Agency Khabar, the Company Coca-Cola CIS Services Ltd., Representative Office in Kazakhstan, the CIS RTRC "Kazakhstan" and the public fund Universal Media Services launched the most comprehensive cultural project in the history of the country. Asyl Mura - Musical Heritage of Kazakhstan intends to restore within five years roughly about 3 thousand hours of pure sounding music.

Asyl Mura will enable the current and future generations of Kazakhstan listen to their musical heritage, thus understand and appreciate the rich and unique culture of their ancestors. The project will accomplish this goal by transferring the wax tapes, which are not compatible with the current music systems, to modern digital recordings and save them from inevitably getting lost. Asyl Mura program includes prospecting work, systematization, restoration and digital refinement, recording on modern audio carriers of the best folk, classical and modern music of Kazakhstan.  Next.......»»»

Project's coordinator -UMS agency
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