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Dariga Nazarbayeva, chairman of Board of Directors of Khabar agency:

- Some time ago nobody had learned to look back and what was lost today in the spiritual and moral memories of the people cannot be recovered. The great importance of the problem of preserving the rich musical heritage of the Kazakh people could not be delayed that is why it got the understanding of the main television canal of the country.

I think that history and progeny will evaluate this step and significance of this project. Each of us believe that our children and grandchildren will be more clever, talented and more kinder than their parents. We always hope for that and work for that sake. But the intellect, talent and spiritual beauty of our children are unthinkable without memories, without touching the relics of their people and of the whole mankind. The magic of music, poetic shock of strophe - is not only the condition of the spirit of any normal person but is the stem of the entire civilization of mankind without which any material prosperity loses its significance.

The project Asyl Mura is grandiose in its aims and plans, and its successful realisation will not only save from the inevitable loss of concrete samples of the priceless heritage of our musical culture, but will do far more - showing that mankind is able to recover from the virus of inspirituality and that mankind is trying to become pure and moral.

Diusen Kaseinov, minister of culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, chairman of the trustee board for the Asyl Mura project:

- As a professional musician, I can confidently say that the musical art of the Kazakh people is unique in its originality and rich diversity. The nomadic mode of life predetermined its high development as one of most valued components of the culture of Kazakhs that is why it is just natural that the musical ethnographers from many countries of the world are so interested in it.

The idea of preserving this valuable heritage for future generation came up a long time ago, after all, unfortunately, despite the pains taking effort and at times titanic efforts of the archive workers, the validity of the old gramophone records and tape recorders is insignificant on the scale of time, and the emergence of new digital technology enables prolonging it actually for centuries.
That is why we are very grateful to Coca-Cola who responded to our proposal and became a founder and general sponsor of the project Asyl Mura - Musical heritage of Kazakhstan. That is no ordinary patronage of art, but a priceless deposit to the culture of the country for this project according to the scale of the task is really historical.

Yesetzhan Kosubayev, member of the trustee board for the Asyl Mura project, head of the press service at the office of the President of Kazakhstan:

I have had the opportunity of hearing not once the lamentations of popular artists and musicologists about the loss of monuments of audio recordings, about the poor state of archive materials and the threat of the pending loss of the unique heritage. I was convinced of this during my tenure of office as the head of the national tele-radio company that over the time accumulated a huge and really gold collection of audio and video recordings including musical heritage. At the moment the most valuable of them are being transferred to the State Archives, where more better conditions exist for preserving the historic materials, while the project Asyl Mura makes it possible to restore and bring back to life many priceless records. I think that our efforts on preserving the treasures of Kazakhstan's musical culture will be fully appreciated by progeny, and the example of Coca-Cola , thanks to whose efforts the idea of the project has become a reality and is successfully being realised will be followed by local businessmen since the cultural sphere still has so many problems and to solve them calls for efficient and immediate help.

Zhanat Rustemova, Public Affairs and Communications Manager of the Representation Coca-Cola CIS Services Ltd.:

- The restoration and preservation of the unique audio records of folk music of Kazakhstan is not only a big job but also a great honour for the participants of this project. For me personally it is a great honour to be involved in preserving what has been the spirit of my people.

As one of the staff of a leading international company that finances many social projects all over the world, I would like to say that Asyl Mura is a very unique and important project. I believe that the Kazakh people remember and love their spiritual and musical heritage and all we want to do is help preserve them for centuries.

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